Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Summer's end

September has come in with a real cold blast and I can't really say that I remember the warmth of summer that much.  I was able to get out of the house a couple of times, but did have have a relapse/overdid it by 2nd week in August (after the church's summer fayre); sending me right back to zero. 

made some boxes and gift cards, (chocolate and tea lights)

Scripture Union's Beach Mission  360;  was here for 2 weeks and it was wonderful having them around. Myself, children, parents and grandparents have always been involved with the organisation, they have been coming to Perranporth for over 100 years.  The majority of their work is spent with children and young people but there is an adult group and we looked at Romola's needlework - which I can't show here due to her copyright, but are absolutely beautiful.
The ART for Health group meets on a Thursday, I have managed to attend and have designed and made a tree in felt, with some embroidery and seed beads, to go on the front of my Family Tree Scrap Book.  It does then take the next 6 days to recover, but it has been nice to meet with other people who understand my condition - not so embarassing when I lie on the floor or sit and do nothing.

I have been procrastinating about this project for a long time and am pleased that I have finally made a start.  My first pages are my dad's, mum and dad; this is the 2nd page and I have found postcard's from both of them to one another sent during the 1st World War and I have made pockets for them; I was really pleased to find them and think it is really romantic and quite a reminder of what they went through at that time, Charlie lost one of his brothers.

After watching Wendy Poole on Create and Craft at the weekend, crocheting, I found her website and followed a link to the Ravelry website and forums;  there is an awful lot going on and I am just finding my way around.  They do have lots of different groups and there is one for ME/CFS/CFids!  My knitting/crocheting is an ongoing hobby and I have managed to sell some items this summer.
So although I don't feel as if I have been 'doing' anything, looking back on it I have made quite a lot of things. Lots of knitting to sew up and finish off; I can manage the knitting but sewing up takes a lot more concentration. 

To Do bag!!

I have even completed a couple of special order cards; wedding and 1st birthday - which can't be shown yet and one for a golden wedding anniversary.

Joshua is going to be Christened in Truro Cathedral 25th September in St Mary's aisle (my favorite area), so I am really looking forward to it and hope I am well enough to attend.  As he is a Rosevear his parents are allowed to ask to attend the Cathedral even though it isn't our local church.  It doesn't count that my great and great, great granddad's help build it!  Richard Granville (great grandad) was one of the only men to be injured during it's building.  Anyway the whole family is delighted to be allowed to hold the service there, so thank you Bishop Tim, in advance, (although I don't expect he will be conducting the service). 
Will end now, on that high note.